Land Use Issues  2007-2009


Drafts & Materials Concerning Cluster Developments &
 R4 Zoning District:

Waterfront Overlay Q&A

Memo to PC from Ben Burton Bay Design Group advocating
  that 800 foot waterfront overlay setback is not needed to 
  protect our shorelines or water quality

R4 Draft March 2009

R4 Residential Community Zoning-Draft#9

Cluster Subdivision

Zoning District Comparisons - Cluster & Conventional

Greenvale Creek TMDL Implementation Plan

Bacterial TMDL Process

Corridor Protection Plan ( Current Version )

Corridor Protection Plan with Don McCann Proposed Revisions

Virginia Code Section 15.2-2286 ( Subdivision A- 12 Clustering of Single Family Dwellings) Old Code Section

Revised Code Section 15.2.2286 - Clustering - Effective July 1, 2007